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Intelligent Interventions presents five intensive Interventionist Training Courses focused on providing participants with the highest level of education, most up to date intervention models, methods, skills, techniques and in the moment experiential education available in today’s ever changing intervention field. The goal of each course is to not only provide you with intervention specific education but practical application of skills and techniques learned in each of our courses. Picture interacting with your fellow participants throughout the course as “Intervention Teams,” developing ideas and strategies collaboratively, presenting your developed theories and plan of action to your Team members and interactively engaging in realistic intervention situational exercises to hone your skills learned throughout class! Firemen actually put out live fires before they begin working.


Whether or not you want to or have interest in becoming an interventionist, these courses will provide you with advanced level skills to utilize as a counselor, therapist, behavioral interventionist, educator, case manager or any other profession in the behavioral health field.


Intelligent Interventions has taken over 7 years of intensive intervention practice, in turn integrating into these Training Courses intensive intervention experiences, clinical training, years of supervision and the most interactive components in any training made available today. Intelligent Interventions believes that in order to become not only a successful interventionist but a highly trained specialist who is engaging in the “most dangerous form of therapeutic work” in today’s mental health field, you must not settle for anything but the best.


We use the word “participant” to describe each and every one of you because you will not be an “attendee” at this course. There are many courses to learn industry specific material by sitting down and receiving CEU credits – this is not one of those. These courses will challenge you, flat out. You will be presented with the most up to date and innovative-based intervention education, then asked to work cohesively as a “Team” with your fellow participants in putting your education into practice. Each and every aspect of our training courses from the minute you sit down will simulate actual intervention experience. We want you to leave our course with a full understanding of what walking into an intervention will feel like with any family you are working with.


Each participant in our courses will leave with a full understanding of a surprise model of intervention (an innovative, systemic variation of the Johnson Model) and an invitational model, where inviting the addict into the intervention process has been determined the appropriate course of action in many cases. We believe that as an intervention specialist, you must have multiple tools in your skill set and one model of intervention just won't do it.


As mentioned earlier, intervention work has repeatedly been called the most dangerous form of therapeutic and clinical work in the mental health field. Our courses will challenge you not only mentally and educationally but emotionally. We are here to provide you with an introduction to the intervention field and we will not sugar coat what this experience is like. The work performed at our courses will leave you feeling incredibly satisfied, exhausted, motivated, highly trained and ready to begin an internship under a fully experienced and credentialed interventionist.