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A Commitment to Myself  

I am the world's best authority on the subject - ME!


  • More than any other person, I know what is best for me.

  • I can be an individual who lets things happen to me, or I can determine to be in charge of my life, to be an autonomous and free person.

  • I can dream and also plan, make choices and decisions, express my wants and needs, assert my individual self, my rights, and ideas.

  • I can create, play and share who I really am as a human being.

  • TODAY - I commit myself to be and act as I know I can be: the real me, the best me possible.

  • I know I need to be close to another person -- at times.

  • I will seek to fulfill that need, but love them no more than I love myself, not meet their needs at the sacrifice of my own.

  • In whatever conflict I experience, I will meet the other person half way, but will not be a loser that they might be the winner.

  • I will not put myself down or discount my feelings or intelligence.

  • I don't need my own criticism of myself.

  • TODAY -- I make these commitments to myself, to be my own best friend.