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Has your loved one been to treatment many, many times? ​

Are you tired of paying huge rehab fees only to have your loved one keep relapsing?Then we have the answer for you. ​

​Our Recovery Coaching fees are considerably less than those expense rehabs! ​

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Recovery Coaching​

The Solution and the Sixth Sense


A recovery coach initiates, supports and promotes recovery for individuals, couple and families, removing obstacles and barriers to recovery and wellness, serving as a personal guide and mentor for those seeking or already in recovery from an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs.  Coaching services also include the codependency processes that enable the substance abuse behaviors of an alcoholic or addict.  These services listed above are available to anyone who asks us for help and is willing to explore new ideas and strategies. They are highly-customized for each individual person depending on the person’s needs.

You can request a customized consultation today by calling our office at: 913-624-9053. This service can be a very effective piece in the frustrating puzzle in aiding a newly-abstinent person to remain completely abstinent through the first essential 6 months – 1 year of recovery. One year is most effective, but is strictly dependent on the financial resources available to those seeking services.