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Typical Characteristics of Co-dependent People

A SELF-INVENTORY — Take this test

Directions: Place a number from 1 to 4 in the space

before each question to indicate the degree of your response.


4=Almost Always

__ 1. I tend to assume responsibility for others' feelings and/or behavior.

__ 2. I have difficulty in identifying my feelings - happy, angry, scared, sad, etc.

__ 3. I have difficulty expressing my feelings.

__ 4. I tend to fear or worry how others may respond to my feelings or behaviors of others.

__ 5. I minimize problems or deny the truth about the feelings or behaviors of others.

__ 6. I have difficulty in forming or maintaining close relationships.

__ 7. I am afraid of rejection.

__ 8. I am a perfectionist and judge myself harshly.

__ 9. I have difficulty making decisions.

__ 10. I tend to be reactive to others rather than to act on my own.

__ 11. I tend to put other people's wants and needs first.

__ 12. I tend to value the opinion of others more than my own.

__ 13. My feelings of worth come from outside myself, through the opinions of other people or

from activities that seem to validate my worth.

__ 14. I find it difficult to be vulnerable and ask for help.

__ 15. I deal with issues of control by attempting to always be in control, or the opposite,

by being careful never to be in a position of responsibility.

__ 16. I am extremely loyal to others, even when the loyalty is unjustified.

__ 17. I tend to view the situation with "all or nothing" thinking.

__ 18. I have a high tolerance for inconsistency and mixed messages.

__ 19. I have emotional crisis and chaos in my life.

__ 20. I tend to find relationships in which I feel "needed" and attempt to keep it that way.

Scoring: Add the numbers to get a total score.
Use the following ranges to help interpret your level of co-dependency.

60-80: A very high degree of co-dependent patterns

40-59: A high degree of co-dependent patterns
30-39: Some degree of co-dependent patterns
20-29: A few co-dependent patterns

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