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Marla Looper, Intelligent Interventions &

The Self-help Therapeutic Action Development Network ​announce ..................​

The First Annual Intelligent Interventions Community  Intervention Workshop Series
with plans to run through the entire year of 2013 beginning in late January. 
​The Intelligent Interventions Community Intervention Workshop Series 
Brings Community Leaders to Kansas City In January 2013

Intelligent Interventions founder and personal transformation, addiction and recovery health and wellness expert, Marla Looper announced today that the first annual Intelligent Interventions Community  Intervention Workshop Series has officially opened online registration for 2013 and the response is staggering. Industry leaders now recognize the Intelligent Interventions Community  Intervention Workshop Series as the most anticipated, respected and important gathering of wellness industry professionals for 2013.

The 2013 Intelligent Interventions Community  Intervention Workshop Series will  redefine the way wellness industry professionals approach and discuss process addictions, and the 2013 workshop series will take the way we look at addiction to the next level.

2013’s Intelligent Interventions Community  Intervention Workshop Series is an outright intervention on America’s seemingly insatiable appetite for more. Whether it’s food, sex, gambling or smoking, America is in need of an intervention and Marla Looper has assembled the best team of experts in the world to lead the charge against America’s obsession with over-consumption.

Marla Looper and Judy Rickman joined forces to develop a new frontier for recovery health, wellness and awareness. In less than a year, the Intelligent Interventions Workshop Series has become the most anticipated event for the world’s top recovery health, wellness and addiction leaders. For 2013, Marla Looper has gathered the best minds in the world and the Intelligent Interventions Workshop Series is poised to shift consciousness to yet another level. Created with the intention of building a network of resources within the community of providers who serve those struggling with process addictions, Intelligent Interventions Community  Intervention Workshop Series is anticipated to be the most critical, industry-changing event to impact the health, fitness and wellness communities in decades.  Workshop Series Co-Host and Intelligent Interventions founder Marla Looper said, “Process addictions and Co-dependency are running rampant across the United States.  Providers are contending with the most extreme addiction levels to date as mainstream America is literally being taken over by booze,  food, pornography, gambling, sex, video games and and our own mind.  No longer is it only those struggling with drugs and alcohol who find themselves in need of an intervention or drastic treatment options; that is an unacceptable development that we intend to change.” Marla added, “From societal hurdles to unified industry messaging, the Intelligent Interventions Workshop Series participants will integrate their own personal and professional style of change and shape the future of wellness.”

The 2013 Intelligent Interventions Community  Intervention Workshop Series unfolds at Kansas City's Hyatt Regncy from July 17, 2013 and will offer extensive continuing education courses for Recovering Individuals, Couples and Families, Recovery Professionals including Therapists, Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Educators, Community Dietitians, Social Workers, Medical Personnel, Psychologists and more.

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