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With our unique experience in successfully performing a broad variety of challenging interventions and the development of our "system" of intervention, we can help your family through the intervention process and determine the most effective and clinically appropriate treatment solution for your loved one. We realize that not all interventions have to feel confrontational and secretive. Intelligent Interventions utilizes several systems of intervention and intervention strategies including an innovative systemically based intervention process developed off of the Johnson Model of Intervention, invitational models of intervention and in the case of mental health challenges, our model which was developed specifically for supporting individuals suffering from primary substance abuse and mental health issues in accepting treatment. We utilize tools, skills and techniques derived from the most advanced invitational and confrontational models of intervention used today. Each intervention is individualized to the specific needs of each family we work with and strategy is developed as a result of ongoing assessment tools utilized by the Intervention Team. We use the word "system" to describe the intervention process because it is a living entity that changes depending on a variety of situations and experiences whereas a "model" is a set in stone method of intervention.

What is an Interventionist?​​​

To define interventionist is simple, yet broad. A professional interventionist according to the drug and alcohol industry, is someone who helps a family facilitate a request for the individual to attend an alcohol and drug recovery center.

An Interventionist will :

  • Structure the entire group. ​

  • Assign letter outlines to participants​

  • Conduct a pre-intervention meeting covering every possible detail of the intervention itself ​

  • Assist in finding the best alcohol and drug recovery centers as options for the family ​

Intervention Steps

The Intelligent Intervention Process​​
In the simplest terms, the Intelligent Intervention looks like this:

The Family Meeting – where we gather as a group, with the identified loved one, to begin the Intervention Process
Change Plan – Oftentimes counseling and working the Change Plan for six-months
After Care - Our After Care program continues to enable change, working to begin subtle and not-so-subtle change in the entire group – the family, the friends and the newly recovering. A gentle adjustment in direction, over time, brings one to a  different destination.​​
After Care equips loved ones with tools to experience change as well, while putting in place a plan for their loved one. We work to answer the questions of “what now?!”
After Care is the process by which the Intelligent Interventions stays connected in regularly scheduled Family Meetings (via telephone and the internet where possible) to promote lasting change. Practiced with determination and consistency, the work we do as a group is life changing.​​

Thinking of Hiring an Interventionist?​​

"What can an Intervention Specialist do that I can't do?"​​​

Many Families have performed interventions without hiring an Interventionist.  You can too. ​ We offer a one-time consultation and coaching session for those families making the decision to perform the intervention themselves, without a professional. 

So why do families hire someone to help them?​​

Many family members will often hire a professional interventionist for one of two reasons.​​

The first and most popular reason for hiring a professional interventionist is due to the simple fact that the family has already asked the individual to go to an alcohol and drug recover center. The individual has already been asked and is refusing to get help.

The second reason that families hire a professional interventionist is because they believe that confronting the individual will get out of hand quickly and be counter- productive. They are scared that there will be resentment by the individual and that this meeting will cause an even deeper divide and muddy up the waters even worse than before.

1. We (intervention specialists) can bring the situation to closure, usually within a weeks time.
2. We add a sense of (realness) to the situation. A stranger, a professional stranger is involved now.
3. We have the bases covered. If you hire the right intervention specialist, you should have a seamless meeting that results in your loved one saying "yes I will go today".
4.We have advice about the centers that you are looking at sending your loved one to. The center must line up well with your loved one to allow for the best chance for permanent healing to begin.
5. Our experience prepares us for every objection and the response needed.
6. Being the outsider in the family, we make perfect mediators. We make sure that the entire family stays on task.
7. We take over when you are exhausted. Many families are completely exhausted by the time they call us. If you call a reputable Intervention Specialist, they should only need a list of the people that you are thinking of involving along with their phone numbers. They (We, the intervention specialist) will do the rest.
8. My success rate is 94%. Industry average for a professional intervention specialist is slightly above the 80% mark.
9. We get your family and friends to participate when you may not be able to.
10. When done properly, your intervention specialist will prepare you for one of the most loving and memorable moments of your life

To Remember


Hope, ambivalence and fear are common for many people embarking on an intervention. An intervention can sometimes be quite stressful. Remember the fundamentals.

First of all, no one can predict with certainty how the someone will react. Acceptance, anger, relief, hope, confusion are all usually present to some degree, and sooner or later each will emerge. How each will manifest prior, during and following intervention day varies considerably.

Second, reduce your investment in the outcome of what occurs on "intervention day." Remember that intervention day is only one part of the process. Intervention truly starts with the first inquiry for help and lasts well beyond intervention day. Family and friends continue to learn and change for months and years. It is this knowledge and change that, in the long run, not only help family and friends maintain perspective and resolve, but may also help the person to take the matter seriously and to focus on accepting help.

Finally, the intervention is always done with love and respect. And no matter what happens on intervention day, it will most certainly get the person's attention. If the person refuses to do what is requested, he/she nearly always changes for the better in some way, usually by accepting some form of help later: either later that same day, the next day, the next week, or the next month or two.

In short, it will never be business as usual again for anyone.

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