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On the heels of many innovative and industry-shifting community development projects, we are pleased to officially announce The First Annual National Recovery Professionals & Intervention Specialist Community launching mid-August 2013.

Our plans to rapidly become the key resource of it's kind, where the world’s most respected recovery health, wellness and process addiction professionals, support specialists, change agents and experts can converse and converge under one "community" roof to collectively improve workforce development, recovery wellness and inspire tangible change.

Created with the intention of building a network of resources within the community of providers who serve those struggling with addictions of all kinds at all levels, and now including a focus on process addictions, Intelligent Interventions will begin to initiate the actions that could be the most critical, industry-changing community to impact the mental health, faith-based, fitness and wellness communities in decades.

The Intelligent Interventions Community aspires to systematically bring together SUB-industries in the Addiction and Recovery Communities such as; Recovery Coaches, Recovery Support Specialists, Drug & Alcohol Counselors, Social Change Entrepreneurs, Social Workers, Dietitians, Counselors, Therapists, Treatment Centers, Addiction Specialists, Food Addiction Specialists, Interventionists, and Intervention Resources as strategies to inspire significant change as we unify all the relevant wellness disciplines and work as a collective effort. The Intelligent Interventions Community will be one of the few to serve that end.

Intelligent Interventions  was founded with the intention of building the most influential Recovery Professional Community  in the world;  judging from the caliber of response and feedback to date, I’m looking  forward to the day when we can all experience the honor of achieving our collective and collaborative goals in a timely manner.   There is nothing more rewarding than seeing multiple industries choose our community as ‘the’ must-attend event for 2013.  We are looking forward to seeing you all in October, 2013.”