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Recovery Professionals & Other Careers of Purpose

We are pleased to provide an opportunity to bring professionals together to create a community where specific issues around intervention, addiction, recovery, codependency and practical entrepreneurial and industry business considerations and solutions will be presented.

Our goal is to bring forth compelling conversation as we look to support over 72 million Americans dealing with addiction at various levels. By bringing our peers together to spur meaningful dialogue and further education across various platforms of supporting and treating those plagued by addiction, we believe this community collaboration will forge phenomenal relationship building within the industry at large.  Collaborators and participants will be available to receive continuing education credits and acquire in-depth information about the process of intervention for all addiction and recovery issues as well as the steps necessary to move forward in the lifelong learning process of a full and enriching recovery for all.


An Interventionist is

cross-trained in the following areas of expertise.....

Just some of the requirements to becoming a qualified, certified Recovery Professional


Workshop Outline
1 --Interventionist

2 – Addictions Counselor

3 – Recovery Support Specialist
4 – Group Counselor & Facilitator

5 – Recovery Coach

6  - Recovery Professional as Social Change Agent & Self-Entrepreneur​

​Collaboration Objectives​

The specific objective of this collaboration

  • The participant will discover and develop protocols to serve their specific clientele who struggle with all addiction.

  • Innovative methods will be examined which will generate on-going support and advancement within the industry.

  • The industry in its entirety will be examined as leaders in the field communicate various initiatives and methods to shed light on this most important issues.




Completion of all five courses meets the educational requirements for your Recovery Professional Specialist Certification Endorsement through Intelligent Interventions and the Missouri Substance Abuse Professional Credentialing Board (MSAPCB) if you choose to climb the career ladder for the state of Missouri Coming Soon!