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The true function of education is to teach use how to think; not what to think.  There are many types of education when it comes to alcoholism and addiction.  Some of you might have experience in dealing with this before while others might be going through this the first time.  Unfortunately, education by itself is not enough to stop the problem and create a change in most people.  If education were enough to solve the problem and evoke change; treatment and recovery services would not be necessary.  Education, coupled with treatment can be successfully integrated in one’s life when they are combined and function cohesively.  Once the individual or the family has been properly educated, then what is left is the action required to change.


Some of the topics that we are referring to are as follows:


» What is addiction?
» Is Addiction a disease?
» Addiction Medicine and the Science behind Addiction
» Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
» Relapse Prevention
» Effects of Drugs and Alcohol Use
» Types of treatment
» Co-dependency
» Dysfunctional Family Patterns
» Approaches to Treatment & Counseling
» Counseling Technique and Theory
» Causes and Conditions of active and treated alcoholism and addiction
» Behavioral Problems
» The most effective ways of dealing with an addict or alcoholic
» The difference between abuse and dependence
» The purpose of intervention


Those are some of the topics that should be talked about when it comes to the educational aspect of counseling.  Addiction education is specifically tailored to the individual needs of our clients and the topics listed above can provide insight and understanding for an addict but also their family.  When it comes to this entire area, there are no questions that are not worth answering. At Intelligent Interventions, we are dedicated to not only providing services to individuals and families but continuing to educate and normalize the process of addiction and mental illness within our society today.  If you have questions about what we can do to help, give us a call at 913-624-9053 or email us at  This is a confidential and informative way to determine the appropriate course of action for your loved one. We will collaboratively work with you and your family to set up an individualized plan for your family in order to effectively create a safe, stable, comfortable and productive home environment. We are here to help! Call us at 913-624-9053 or complete this form for a free consultation and confidential support.

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