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This event is specifically designed to rally our industry with the one goal of making a real impact in our local community and on a national level supporting those individuals and families struggling with addiction, codependency and recovery. We all know the staggering statistics regarding the rising addiction levels in our country. The effect this is having on our families is dramatic.


We, as an industry, are on the front lines to make the greatest impact between intervention and recovery.


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Please join us for the

First Annual Community Prevention Intervention

focused on all levels of addiction including :


Food Addiction  

Process Addictions 

Substance Abuse  Codependency

Gambling, Sex, Pornography and Gaming

Our team is pleased to provide this opportunity to bring professionals together to create community and compelling conversation around dynamic support, solutions and tools for over 72 million Americans dealing with a

lifestyle addiction.​​ 

By bringing our peers together to spur meaningful dialog and further education across various platforms of treating those plagued by addiction, we believe this community event will forge phenomenal relationship building within the industry at large




Professionals attending will include:​
■Social Workers​
■All Therapists​

■All Recovery Professionals 

       -- Recovery Coaches

       -- Interventionists

       -- Counselors

       -- Support Specialists

       -- Mentors

       -- Peer Support​

■Addiction and Recovery Facilities​
■Spiritual Communities and Services



■Family Therapy and Counseling​
■Holistic Specialists​​