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Intelligent Interventions is a resource that helps consumers, families and recovery and clinical professionals learn how to use family support services to assist with the recovery of individuals and families impacted by addiction.   We train and support individuals, families, small groups, programs, services, agencies or groups of agencies.  ​​

Marla is an addiction's counselor and family interventionist specializing in all challenges related to addiction and codependency.  For 24+ years Marla has had the satisfaction of coaching, mentoring and re-integrating individuals, couples and families back into a new healthy, family system customized to the individuality and uniqueness of the family unit. Her mission is to create the largest effort to enable the release of the forces that are keeping them stuck and to re-build the integrity of the individuals who reside within the potential family powerhouse.

We help to motivate the addicted person toward the appropriate treatment through firm and compassionate coaching and work to launch the whole family into a process of change.  Our counseling, intervention coaching and support services are designed to enable the affected family member and their family to change & help themselves through learning while un-learning co-dependent tendencies that lead to the deepening intensity of the issues that are causing the most suffering.