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Full Scale Intervention Services

Intervention Assistance Consultation and Coaching Services

We offer  various options to approach your family intervention from a full-scale intervention that involves maximum help from an onsite, trained interventionist to a one-time consultation and coaching guidance service for those families wishing to perform their own intervention with short-term, direct assistance of an interventionist with indirect presence off-site.   


With our unique experience in successfully performing a broad variety of challenging interventions and the development of our "system" of intervention, we can help your family through the intervention process and determine the most effective and clinically appropriate treatment solution for your loved one. We realize that not all interventions have to feel confrontational and secretive. Intelligent Interventions utilizes several systems of intervention and intervention strategies including an innovative systemically based intervention process developed off of the Johnson Model of Intervention, invitational models of intervention and in the case of mental health challenges, our model which was developed specifically for supporting individuals suffering from primary substance abuse and mental health issues in accepting treatment. We utilize tools, skills and techniques derived from the most advanced invitational and confrontational models of intervention used today. Each intervention is individualized to the specific needs of each family we work with and strategy is developed as a result of ongoing assessment tools utilized by the Intervention Team. We use the word "system" to describe the intervention process because it is a living entity that changes depending on a variety of situations and experiences whereas a "model" is a set in stone method of intervention.

Recovery Coaching Services


A recovery coach initiates, supports and promotes recovery for individuals, couple and families, removing obstacles and barriers to recovery and wellness, serving as a personal guide and mentor for those seeking or already in recovery from an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs.  Coaching services also include the codependency processes that enable the substance abuse behaviors of an alcoholic or addict.  These services listed above are available to anyone who asks us for help and is willing to explore new ideas and strategies in sobriety and recovery. They are highly-customized for each individual person depending on the person’s needs.

You can request a customized consultation today by calling our office at: 913-624-9053. This service can be a very effective piece in the frustrating puzzle in aiding a newly-abstinent person to remain completely abstinent through the first essential 6 months – 1 year of recovery. One year is most effective, but is strictly dependent on the financial resources available to those seeking services.

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Make the Decision!

Making the jump from active addiction to active recovery can seem impossible.  The journey begins with a desire to change and then a decision to follow through.  If you have questions about what we can do to help, give us a call at 913-624-9053 or email us at This is a confidential and informative way to determine the appropriate course of action for your loved one. We will collaboratively work with you and your family to set up an individualized plan for your family in order to effectively create a safe, stable, comfortable and productive home environment. We are here to help!


Call us a 913-624-9053 or email at 

for a free consultation and confidential support.

Counseling Services


Intelligent Interventions provides a multifaceted and collaborative approach to individual and family counseling. Many different types of counseling can be beneficial in the recovery process of the entire family system as well as the afflicted individual. There is a specific approach that Intelligent Interventions utilizes based on experience in working with addiction and mental health issues, the first of which begins with performing a full scale assessment. We understand that many times it can be difficult to determine the appropriate course of action moving forward in the recovery process so feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your individual situation at no cost. We are here to help!

  •   Individual Addictions Counseling 

  •   Couples Addictions Counseling

  •   Family Recovery Counseling

  •   Intervention Aftercare Counseling and Coaching